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It took just one-sixteenth of a second for the entire sequence to play out. Ravindra Jadeja’s slider whizzed past Chris Morris’s bat and MS Dhoni whisked the bails. In the interim, Morris’s back-heel had been fractionally air-borne.

Consumers with lightning-fast connection speeds are growing impatient with slow sites, too – particularly those on mobile. When Google last analyzed mobile landing page load times in 2018, the average time it took to fully load one had dropped by seven seconds. However, it still took about 15 seconds, which is far too slow. Considering that 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, marketers still have a long way to go.

Up front, there are leather-accented seats with powered controls for the driver’s side, heating for both front seats, a small multimedia screen on the centre console with a small touchpad controller, switchable terrain modes and plenty of padding on things like the centre console bin lid and door cards.

”Simultaneously, the company was able to address the root cause at the supplier who pressed the studs into the hub assemblies.”

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At the World Cup, Rabada had the major responsibility as Steyn was ruled out with injury but the bowler has managed to pick just six wickets with the best of 2 for 39 against India. He has bowled 303 overs since the start of the year and of them, 47 had come in the IPL alone. He averages 50.83 with the ball in his maiden World Cup, which is far worse a figure than his overall 27.74.

Google is reflecting this consumer preference back in mobile search results, which display far more image thumbnails than they used to. Recently, Google announced that it’s making visual content more useful in search by “helping people better find information visually and making it easier to pursue the things people come to Google Images for help with.”

Here, we aren’t talking about how fast your content loads, but how quickly your content fulfills a consumer need. In a word, we’re talking about relevance.

Imagine critical fasteners in the rotating parts of a machine galling. The joint is likely to be subject to a fatigue breakage, which will at least require costly maintenance and downtime for the customer or end-user. However, in the worst-case scenario, the fatigue breakage of critical fasteners can have serious safety implications that might result in accident or injury. Galled fasteners are also much more susceptible to corrosion, which can ultimately result in breakages.

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However, push the seats forward and position the rear seatbacks vertically, and that space grows to 443L. Drop all the seats, and the Eclipse Cross has 1122L, versus 1193 in the ASX.

Faf du Plessis, when asked if Rabada’s lack of potency in the WC was down to fatigue:

For over 20 years Baer Brakes has been pushing the boundaries of modern performance brake technology. Baer developed a direct replacement rotor upgrade specifically designed to work in sync with the 2015+ Mustangs equipped with the Performance Package.

A stronger capital base for PSBs means they will be able to command better valuations in stock markets and raise additional money. "Many banks will be able to raise funds from stock markets at higher valuations once this capital comes in," says a private banker. Others suggest that more than the capital, the government should have focused on governance and structural issues. The Banks Board Bureau should have been empowered more, they say. Similarly, there is a need to set up a Bank Investment Company for housing government stake in PSBs and allowing it to raise resources independently. The merger of PSBs is another area where there is need for a better strategy. The government had recently initiated the merger of five associate banks of SBI and merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank.